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Stop Knots and Adjustable Crimps - Fishing Tackle Components

These are used to trap beads, swivels and other fishing rig components in place when you need to be able to adjust the position of that part of your rig. They are particularly useful for the connection on main rig bodies for snoods, for clip down rigs and when fishing with floats.

Fishing Tackle > Stop Knots and Adjustable Crimps

Neoprene Tubing Stop Knot

This is a very simple and effective stop knot that involves threading a small piece of neoprene tubing onto your line. You then loop your line back through the tube and pull on either end of the line to create the stop knot. You use multiple knots to create a stronger stop. You can also use silicone tubing in exactly the same way to create stop knots, but, neoprene produces a better and more durable result

Power Gum Stop Knots

Power Gum is another product used for tying stop knots. Although you can use monofilliment or dacron flyline backing to tie these knots Power Gum works better as it is softer and grips onto the line in a more effective manner.

Breakaway Adjustable Crimps

Breakaway’s metal crimps are lined with soft rubber to protect the line and to allow tension to be preset so that the crimp can be fixed or adjustable. Pull the rubber into the metal tube, trim the excess, slide into position on the trace, then crimp to the desired tension with the Breakaway crimp tool.  Even at maximum pressure the crimp remains adjustable, but it stays fixed while you’re fishing.


You can use standard crimps to create adjustable stoppers. Simply crimp just enough to allow you to slide the crimp up and down the rig body when pressure is applied. Many people use this method without issue, but, some say that it weakens the line and is too hard to crimp it to just the right amount. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and what makes you feel confident with the rigs you are using.