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There is a huge array of different shapes and sizes of sinkers out there, but, most of the time there is only a few shapes you will need. As a general rule you want to use the least amount of weight possible to achieve the result you are after. If you are fishing from a boat and want to keep your bait on the bottom then you will need to select a weight that will be heavy enough to hold in any current that may be running. Remember that the deeper you fish the greater the drag will be on your sinker due to the extra line that is in the water. If fishing from shore you will need to consider the currents, any wave action that there is and whether you are fishing over any foul ground that your sinker may snag in.  In addition to this you will need to make sure that the weight of your sinker falls within the weight range that your rod is rated for. Using too light a weight will mean the rod will not load properly and effect casting distance while using too heavy a weight could result in a snapped rod.

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Ball Sinker

Simple ball shaped sinker that is good for use in running rigs. The sinker will not hold the bottom well so is good for when there is little or no current or when you want the sinker to roll around to give you bait a bit of movement. They are also less likely to snag on the bottom when fishing over foul ground.

Egg Sinker

Egg shaped sinker that has the same characteristics as the ball sinker, but, is slightly more aerodynamic due to its shape.

Bank Sinker

Good general purpose sinker that casts and descends to the bottom well due to its shape. Does not hold the bottom strongly.

Spoon / Coin Sinker

A much flatter sinker than those mentioned above that fishes well over foul ground as it is less likely to snag up when retrieved. Also pretty good in current due to its low profile. Down side is that it doesn’t cast well as the sinkers above.

Pyramid Sinker

Great sinker for casting long distances and also holds the bottom well. Good for shore fishing when the current is not to strong .

Sand Grip Sinker

Low profile and spikes mean this lead holds the bottom well. Not suited to distance casting.

Beakout Sinker (BOS)

Essential when fishing from the shore in turbulent seas. The wires on the sinker grip the bottom and hold extremely well in surf and current. When retrieved the grip wires ‘breakout’ and fold back allowing for easy retrieval. Because of there shape these also cast very well. There are are a number of takes on the breakout sinker for example the Gemini version has removable nose cones and grip wires so these can be replaced or longer wires put on. There is a  Breakaway version that incorporates a bait clip into the sinker which is useful as it reduces the amount of fishing tackle required for rig making.