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Clips and Connectors - Fishing Tackle Components

There are a number of different clips and connectors available to use in your fishing rigs and it pays to have a number of varieties as part of your fishing tackle. One of the key things to keep in mind is that these clips and connectors will all have a set breaking strain and you will need to ensure you use a type that matches your requirements.

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Geni Clips

Gemini geni clips are a versatile rig clip that can be used in a number of different places where you are likely to change out rig components on a regular basis. These may include:

  • Top of the rig to connect to your mainline
  • To attach snoods/traces
  • As a clip for sinkers

They are a very strong connector and are particularly useful in surf casting applications where enormous strain can be placed on fishing tackle during casting.

Gemini Geni Swivel and Link Clips

Very useful for situations where you anticipate there will be a need to counter line twist. An example would be using one at the end of your mainline to clip rigs and lures on.

Double link clips (Gemini Geni, Breakaway double link)

Useful when you need a flexible two way connection. Good for quick changing lures.

Breakaway Fastlink Clips

These are great for connecting sinkers to the bottom of your rig. There is also the ability to connect imp clips onto these to create a clip down system for pully and other distance casting rigs.

Snaplock Swivels

A good main line to rig and rig to sinker connector. As there is a range of breaking strains for these it pays to make sure you have selected one capable of taking the forces that will be applied during your specific type of fishing.