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Bait Clip Systems - Fishing Tackle Components

Bait clips in their various forms are used to clip your trace or snood either up or down so that it is streamlined against main rig body during the cast rather than hanging loose and creating drag.  They can be as simple or complex as you like with a number of options available for purchase or simply make your own.

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Bait Clip

The bait clip is the most basic system. Simply tie it to the bottom of your main rig body and then clip your sinker directly onto it. Before casting clip your baited hook down into it. The bait is held down against the top of the sinker forming a much more aerodynamic package when cast. When your rig hits the water the hook is jarred loose from the clip. This clip can also be used at the top of your rig body to clip your bait up as opposed to down, you just tie the clip on upside down. Although very simple to use the potential downside is that sometimes the hook may not release from the clip.

Impact Shield

The impact shield is a little more fiddly but still very easy to use. The baited hook clips down into the hook part of the shield for casting. When the rig hits the water the force of the impact pushes the shield up against the bead forcing the baited hook to eject from the impact shield. The impact shield is a much more full proof system and the shape of it helps to make the whole rig a bit more aerodynamic.

Imp Clip

The imp clip is similar in principle to the impact shield. The clip attaches to a lead clip which is used to attach your sinker to the main rig body. The bait is clipped down into the hook in a stream lined position just above the sinker. When the rig hits the water the pressure pushes up on the paddle part of the clip forcing the hook to flick over and release the baited hook. Probably the most reliable in terms of hook release, but, you need to make sure you get the ‘Extreme’ imp clip version if you are going to use it in a pully rig as the forces generated during casting can bend the clip open and cause it to fail.

Cascade Clip

The cascade clip is used in conjunction with an impact shield (or other bait clip) in rigs like the clipped down ledger/paternoster so that multiple snoods/traces can be used and clipped down to create a stream lined rig. The bottom snood/trace clips down to the impact shield while the snood/trace above clips down onto the cascade swivel used to attach the snood below to the main rig body. When the rig hits the water the impact shield releases the bottom hook which sets off a relay effect that causes the cascade swivel to in turn release the hook above.

Breakaway Impact Sinker

This is a sinker and bait clip system incorporated into the one package. Using one of these means you can cut down on the amount of fishing tackle used in your rigs, you do however pay a premium for these sinkers. You simply place your hook in the clip on the lead prior to casting. When the lead hits the water the force of the impact pushes the plastic cone up and ejects the hook from the clip.