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Clip Down Pully Rig

The clip down pully rig is a very good distance casting rig given its aerodynamic nature when in the clipped down position. It is amazing how much drag a rig which is not clipped down will add to your cast with the baits hanging free and helicoptering around as the rig flys through the air. If you have never used this rig before expect to add up to 20 metres to your casting distance when compared to a non clipped down rig.  When a fish takes the line it pulls the sinker up off the sea bed which can be good over rough ground. Another advantage is that when the fish takes the weight of lifting the sinker helps to set the hook.

Materials Needed

Main Rig Body / Rig Backbone:

  • Approx 1 metre of 50 – 80 pound breaking strain line
  • 3 x Geni clips
  • 3 x beads
  • 1 x impact shield (or whatever your preferred type of bait clip)
  • 1 x crimp
  • 1 x swivel


  • Approx 40 cm of 50 pound breaking strain line (needs to be shorter than your main rig body so it will be under tension when clipped down in the impact shield)
  • 1 x geni clip
  • 1 x recurve or circle hook (pick size based on bait you will be using and target species)

Main Rig Body / Rig Backbone

Step 1

Tie a genie clip to the bottom end of the piece of line you are using for your main rig body using an appropriate knot eg uni knot, clinch knot.

Step 2

Thread a bead (the type of bead is down to personal preference, but, the main purpose is to protect the knot so you could use a hard or soft bead here) on to the other end of the piece of line and run it down so it sits on the knot you have just created when tying on the geni clip.

Step 3

Thread on impact shield so that it sits above the bead. Make sure the shield part is facing down toward the bottom of your rig.

Step 4

Thread on another bead so that it sits above the clip part of the impact shield. This needs to be a hard bead as the action of the impact shield sliding up and pushing against this is what causes your baited hook to be released from the clip.

Step 5

Thread on a crimp and crimp it so that the bead sits snuggly against the top of the impact shield.

Step 6

Thread on genie clip. Make sure you thread the line through the smaller eye end of the clip. This clip will be     used to attach your rig to a swivel on your mainline. The main rig body of the line is free to run back and forwards through this clip which creates the pully action.

Step 7

Thread on bead. Again this bead can be hard or soft as it is purely for knot protection.

Step 8

Finally tie on a geni clip to the end of your rig body. It is here that you will clip your trace to.

Trace / Snood

Step 1

Tie on a swivel to one end of the piece of line you are using for your trace. This swivel is used to attach your trace to your rig body by clipping it onto the top geni clip on the rig body.

Step 2

Tie on hook to the other end of your trace using an appropriate knot eg clinch, uni, snell. The great thing about having a trace that clips onto your main rig body is that it is very easy to interchange different traces. You can have a few made up that have different hook sizes, floats on them to protect your baits from crabs or even just ones that you bait up in advance so that when you change your bait it is simply a matter of clip on and cast. Another advantage is that when it comes time to re bait you can just leave you rod in the holder and only need to unclip the trace and carry that back to where you have your bait rather than taking the whole rod or rig.

The Finished Clip Down Pully Rig

Comments (3)

  1. chris q

    use Proper Pulley clip from Breakaway Tackle Australia then bead and swivel instead of Genie clip @ item 6 Check out website google Breakaway Tackle Australia Lee and Alison Wigner super helpful ex UK now in QLD carry stock and will post This rig worked for me but be careful with components you use I found out about Pulley rigs from WA angling site which was using swivel that tended to kink leader…Still learning what I know might fill a page what I don’t would fill a library Breakaway Tackle UK has more info P.S.4 mulloway@ Salt Creek using pulley rig 8/0 circle hook and Breakaway leads I cast from mould and components ex UK. Email if want to have a yarn but I m hooked on these rigs they work no B.S. ..Chris Q

  2. Bruce Glass

    I surfcast the beaches in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand and use this rig all the time. It provides a much smoother cast without the bait heli-coptoring (you know what I mean). The only change I make to the assembly is – Step 8 – I tie on a swivel instead of a Genie Clip and Step 1 (Trace/Snood) I attach a Genie Clip ie all my traces have Genie Clips instead of a swivel. Cheers, BG

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