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Pennel Rig (Sliding)

The pennel rig is a trace / snood that is used when fishing with large baits for example a whole pilchard or baby squid. Generally the bottom hook is larger with the top hook either sliding or snelledĀ in a fixed position. The advantage of having the hook in a fixed position is that if your bottom hook gets bitten off the top one is still able to hold the fish on. The disadvantage is that you can’t slide the top hook to suit different sized baits.

Materials Needed

  • A length of line for the trace that will suit the main rig the trace is intended for.
  • 2 x hooks suited to bait
  • 1 x geni clip or swivel
  • 1 x piece of silicone tube the length of your top hooks shank

Step 1

Tie hook onto end of line using and appropriate knot.

Step 2

Slide a piece of silicone tube the length of your top hook shank onto the line.

Step 3

Slide the second hook into the silicone tube then pass the line through its eye. Using a hook with a turned back eye for the top hook will mean it sits better on the line. Tie a geni clip or swivel onto the end to finish the trace.

The Finished Pennel Rig (Sliding)

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