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DVICE Bait Capsule Paternoster Rig

This is a simple paternoster/ledger rig that incorporates the use of the DVICE bait capsule. The DVICE bait capsule is perfect for streamlining big baits or protecting delicate baits from the forces of casting and impact with the water. It is basically a tube that incorporates a breakout sinker in the end of it. The baited hook is placed inside the tube when casting and is ejected by jets of water rushing into the tube upon impact with the water. It also has the added advantage that it planes to the surface on retrieve helping prevent your line from snagging on any obstructions on the sea bed. The DVICE bait capsule comes in a variety of sizes and weights. It uses the Gemini sinker nose cone so different leg lengths and tips can be used as they simply screw into the end of the capsule.

Materials Needed

Main Rig Body / Rig Backbone

  • Approx 1200mm 50-80 pound breaking strain line
  • 2 x geni clips
  • 2 x swivels
  • Neoprene tubing for stop knots
  • 2 x hard beads
  • DVICE bait capsule

Trace / Snood

  • Approx 600 – 800mm length of 50 pound line
  • 1 x geni clips
  • 1 x recurve/circle hooks sized to suit target species and intended bait


Main Rig Body / Rig Backbone

Step 1

Tie a genie clip to the bottom end of the piece of line you are using for your main rig body using an appropriate knot eg uni knot, clinch knot. This clip is where you will attach the DVICE bait capsule in place of a sinker.

Step 2

Create 3 stop knots on the rig body using 3 small pieces (about 5mm each) of neoprene tubing. These will hold your first trace in place, but, are adjustable so that you can slide the trace droppers up and down the rig body to the height you desire.

Step 3

Thread on above the stop knots: 1 bead, then 1 swivel, then another bead. The beads will trap the swivel in place and ensure it stands out from the main rig body helping to reduce tangles. Top this off with another stop knot to fix everything in place on the rig body.

Step 4

When you have completed the attachment points for your traces tie on a genie clip to the end of the piece of line to finish off the main rig body. This geni clip will attach to the swivel that is attached to the end of your mainline.

Trace / Snood

Step 1

Tie on a geni clip to one end of the piece of line you are using for your trace. This geni clip is used to attach your trace to your rig body by clipping it onto the swivel trapped between the beads on the rig body. Make sure the line you use for your snood is long enough to allow your hook to hang about 150mm below the level of the DVICE capsule when the rig is held vertically. Making sure the snood is this length will allow enough slack to  prevent the baited hook from being pulled out of the DVICE bait capsule during the cast.

Step 2

Tie on a hook to the other end of your trace using an appropriate knot eg clinch, uni, snell. The trace in the image has a lumo bead above the hook which helps with attracting fish to your baits in low light conditions or when night fishing. You could also use colored beads or sequins as alternative .

The great thing about having a trace that clips onto your main rig body is that it is very easy to interchange different traces. You can have a few made up that have different hook sizes, floats on them to protect your baits from crabs or even just ones that you bait up in advance so that when you change your bait it is simply a matter of clip on and cast. Another advantage is that when it comes time to re bait you can just leave you rod in the holder and only need to unclip the trace and carry that back to where you have your bait rather than taking the whole rod or rig.

The Finished DVICE Bait Capsule Paternoster Rig

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  1. I use these dvice all the time,I love them and they are brill.smaller baits I put loo roll in put in sea then push down,been trying to get hold of them on line veals don’t seem to sell them.

  2. David

    Where can I buy these DVices and five to go with them if possible please

Have you tried this rig? Let us know how you got on

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