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Bristle Boom Rig

The bristle boom rig is a paternoster (aka ledger, dropper) rig that utilizes bristle booms to make the snoods stand off from the main rig body at a better angle. This helps prevent them tangling and presents the baits better as the stiffer bristle booms give them a more enticing movement in the current. As with other paternoster type rigs this is a good all round general rig that can be used in most fishing situations.

Materials Needed

  • 1 x approx 100cm piece of 50 – 80 pound line
  • 2 x geni clips
  • bristles for booms approx 1.5 – 2mm  (sold at some tackle shops or source from stiff yard or street sweeping brush)
  • Heat shrink tube

Preparing Bristle Booms

Step 1

First of all you will need to form a blob on the end of the boom bristle by heating it on something such as an old iron. This will form a stopper to prevent the boom from been pulled out of the connecting knot at the main rig body. Repeat this for each additional boom you want to attach to the rig body.

Step 2

For the end of the boom that you will attach your snood to you have a couple of options. Firstly you could create another blob on the end of the boom as you did in the previous step and use a whip knot to attach your snood to the boom. Alternatively you can connect a swivel to the end of the boom which we will look at in the next step.

Step 3

Attaching a swivel is probably the easiest and most straight forward approach and also has the advantage of helping to decrease tangles when you catch fish that have a tendency to spin when hooked. To attach the swivel slip a piece of heat shrink tube onto the boom, slide the swivel onto the boom, carefully heat the end of the boom to soften where you will create the bend, bend back a section of the boom about 1cm in length to trap the swivel, push heat shrink back over the section you have bent back and heat to secure the swivel in place.

Attaching Boom to Rig Body

Step 1

Simply begin to tie a blood loop dropper at the desired location on your rig body. Instead of passing the loop back through the centre of the wraps you have made take your boom and and pass it through this hole. Then tighten the knot as your would normally trapping the boom in place on the rig body.

The Finished Bristle Boom Rig

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