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Big Snapper Rig

This rig is designed for targeting big snapper whether fishing from the boat or shore. It is a running rig that means┬áthat it allows the shyer biting big snapper to pick up the bait and swim off with it without felling the pressure of the sinker as it takes the bait. With this rig you fish with a very light drag (or your reel in freespool) that enables line to be released as the fish swims off. Large snapper will often pick up a bait and swim 10 or 20m before finally eating it. This is when you would tighten up on the drag and put the pressure on to set the hook. A 2 hook pennel rig is used for the trace which enables the use of big baits such as whole pilchards. It also gives the added security that two hooks has as large snapper are easily capable of chewing through thick line and crushing hooks with the powerful jaws. When fishing from the beach an advantage of using the ball sinker is for what is called ‘walking the dog’. If there is a current running parallel to the beach you can use the running rig to cover a lot of ground as the rig will roll down the beach with the current. All you need to do is walk down the beach with your rod as the rig rolls a long the bottom. Doing this will mean you cover a lot more area and is good for prospecting. Your rig will drop into any holes or guts where fish tend to hold, which can then be targeted with a rig incorporating a breakout sinker it will hold in the newly discovered hole,

Materials Needed

  • 2 x recurve or circle hooks (pick size based on bait you will be using)
  • 1 x bead
  • 1 x geni clip
  • 1 x ball sinker (2 or more smaller ball sinkers can be used to create a more aerodynamic rig)

Main line / shock leader

Step 1

Thread the ball sinker then the bead onto your shock leader or mainline and then tie on a swivel.

Trace / Snood

Step 1

For the trace use a two hook pennel rig that is around 100cm in length. See here for how to create a pennel rig. If fishing from a boat be careful when dropping the line to the bottom as the sinker will sink faster than the hooks which can lead to the hooks tangling with the mainline. To avoid this try lowering the rig to the bottom in a slow controlled fashion.

The Finished Big Snapper Rig

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