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Anti Crab Trace / Snood

A trace that uses floats to keep your baits up off the bottom and away from the paddle crabs. If you find your baits are getting stripped within seconds of hitting the water then paddle crabs may well be the culprit.  This trace will keep your bait out of their claws and will also make it more visible to fish as it sits up off the bottom giving your bait an enticing movement that will attract the attention of any nearby fish.

Materials Needed

  • A piece of line of suitable length for the type of rig you intend to use
  • Geni Clip
  • Floats
  • Hook
  • Beads
  • Neoprene tubing for sliding  stop knots or suitable alternative eg power gum, adjustable crimps

Step 1

Tie hook onto one end of the line

Step 2

Thread on a small piece of neoprene tube and create a stop knot and then thread on a bead.

Step 3

Thread on your float or floats. These can be store bought or simple home made creations. A cork, piece of foam or polystyrene ball are all capable of doing the job just make sure the buoyancy is sufficient to lift the size bait you intend to use. You can test this in a bucket of water. In the image i have used 2 floats i made from balsa wood to achieve the desired buoyancy.

Step 4

Thread on a bead then two stop knots, this will hold the floats in place, but, are movable which means you can re position them for different effect or when baiting up. Tie a geni clip on the end of the line to finish the trace off, this is where you will connect the trace to your rig. If you already have a geni clip on your rig you can use a swivel on your trace in place of the geni clip.

The Finished Anti Crab Trace / Snood

Comments (2)

  1. John Howlett


    I’m going to make some of these, I have a couple of questions

    1. What are the beads on the hook & genie clip for are they part of the rig
    2. Where can you get the floats

    Look forward to your reply


  2. Rigz

    The beads you see are just the pin heads holding the rig up for the photo, the floats were homemade, created using balsa wood painted with nail polish. You should be able to use anything that floats like a foam etc.

Have you tried this rig? Let us know how you got on

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