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Yelloweye mullet ( Aldrichetta forsteri )


  • Mugilidae (grey mullets)

Other Names:

  • New Zealand: Herring (wrongly), Sprat (wrongly)
  • Australia: Yelloweye mullet, Coorong mullet, pilch
  • Japan: Menada

Yelloweye mullet

  • Average Length: 20cm - 40cm
  • Average Weight: 0.4kg - 1kg

The yelloweye mullet is a mullet of the family Mugilidae, the only species in the genus Aldrichetta. It is found around New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, and southern Australia, from the surface to depths of 50 m. Its length is between 20 and 40 cm. The back is olive-green, and silver, usually with a yellow tinge, on the belly, its eyes are bright yellow. In New Zealand it is often referred wrongly as a herring. The Yelloweye mullet is not a herring and isn’t related to the herring family.

It has a pointed head and snout with scales that are thin and easy to remove. They are very common in shallow coastal waters around New Zealand, particularly in bays, harbours and estuaries. The range in Australia is confined to more southerly waters where they are found in sandy beaches, jetties, and estuaries. They feed on small animals such as sandworms and small cockles. Occasionally large schools can be seen feeding on the surface.

Yelloweye can be taken on light tackle and small hooks baited with bread, dough, peeled prawn, cockle or pipi, worm pieces or maggots. Yelloweye mullet are the more willing biters, and will even take flesh baits, squid strips and pieces of pilchard or whitebait. Most of the successful rigs for these species incorporate a light float, such as a quill or small bobby cork, although the fish can be taken on un-weighted or very lightly weighted lines. They respond extremely well to a berley trail of soaked bread. You can use Yelloweye mullet as live bait to catch fish such as kingfish.

Yelloweye mullet Fishing Rigs

Yelloweye mullet Flesh Characteristics

Yelloweye mullet are rated as a great fish to eat. They can be smoked or cooked whole in a pan. They are an oily fish with a lot of flavour. Their flesh is darkish with a delicate texture and can be make into fillets.

Yelloweye mullet Flesh