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Striped Mullet ( Mugil cephalus )


  • Mugilidae (grey mullets)

Other Names:

  • US: Black Mullet, Callifaver mullet, Common mullet, Grey mullet, Striped mullet
  • New Zealand: Striped Mullet, Grey mullet
  • Australia: Bully mullet, Grey mullet, Hardgut mullet, Mangrove mullet, Sea mullet, Striped mullet
  • Germany: Meerasche
  • Greece: Kephalos
  • Italy: Cefalo
  • Spain: Pardete
  • Russia: Loban
  • Japan: Bora
  • France: Mulet

Striped Mullet

  • Average Length: 30cm - 40cm
  • Average Weight: 0.6kg - 1.2kg

The Striped Mullet is found in coastal tropical and sub tropical waters worldwide. It has many names around the world and other common names are the Flat Head Mullet, Grey Mullet, Black Mullet, Common Mullet and Mangrove Mullet. Its length is typically 30cm to 75 cm (12in – 30 in) and weighs between 0.6kg and 1.2kg (1lb – 2.5lb). The Striped Mullet is also known as the Grey Mullet. Please find more information on the Grey Mullet

Striped Mullet Fishing Rigs

Striped Mullet Flesh Characteristics

The grey or striped mullet is an important food fish for many around the world, and can be both fished and farmed. The roe of this mullet is salted, dried, and compressed to make a specialty food across the world, such as Taiwanese Wuyutsu, Korean myeongran jeot, Japanese karasumi, Italian bottarga, and Egyptian batarekh. In Egypt, the fish itself is salted, dried, and pickled to make feseekh. The Flesh is pinkish grey, medium firm with a high fat content. It makes an excellent smoked product however can be cooked in many ways as above.

Striped Mullet Flesh