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Hapuku ( Polyprion oxygeneios )


  • Percichthyidae (temperate basses)

Other Names:

  • New Zealand: Hapuku, Groper
  • Australia: Groper
  • Japan: Ara
  • United States: Bass
  • Spain: Cherna
  • Italy: Cernia


  • Average Length: 80cm (31in) - 120cm (47in) *Get much bigger
  • Average Weight: 3kg (7lb) - 20kg (44lb) *Get a lot heavier

The Hapuku is found in New Zealand and southern Australia. Similar to groupers or sea basses (Family Serranidae) which are widely found world wide. The Hapuku is grey – blue to grey – brown on top and white to grey underneath. They have small scales with large eyes. They are different from the related but less common bass groper by its more slender body, pointed head, and protruding lower jaw. They are found most common over rocky areas, down to a depth to 250m (820ft). The larger species of Hapuku grow to a size of 1.5m and weight over 30kg. Hapuku is another name for groper please see the Groper and Hapuku write up here: Groper Fish Species

Hapuku Fishing Rigs

Hapuku Flesh Characteristics

Hapuku is another name for groper. Please fins the groper flesh write up here: Groper Flesh

Hapuku Flesh