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Welcome we are the home of Fishing Rigs with tutorials on how to create them and much more. We buy, tie and try all the fishing rigs we put up here. Start with the basic everyday Fishing Rigs, find a Fishing Rig by Name or a category in the above navigation. Each fishing rig tutorial has photos, materials needed, step by step tying instructions and also how to use them. Want a list of all Fishing Rigs go here or keep on reading below

Fishing Rigs

New to fishing and need a basic fishing rig? See our Basic Fishing Rigs. Want some ideas or more complex fishing rigs? Check out our advanced fishing rigs section. Do you Surfcast? We have surfcasting rigs and many other landbase rigs. If you’re doing fishing by boat then you will like the large selection of boat fishing rigs, many target specific species such as our Snapper Rigs, Gurnard Rigs, Kingfish Rigs and many many more see our full range by visiting our search by Fish Species Section.

Fishing Tackle Components

With so many different fishing tackle components out there it can be confusing which one to use for what job. You can find an ever growing list of tackle components we use on the fishing rigs, each with photos and details on what they are. Common Fishing tackle components include fishing hooks, bait clips, braids, swivels and many more. Find Tackle Fishing Components here

Fish Species

We have included many of the most common fish species caught and which fishing rigs to use to catch them. There is details information on the fish species which include photos, color of the fish, average size and where to find them. This is a useful resource especially if you are targeting a certain fish species. You can find a list of the fish species here.